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Anna Klawitter
6 min readAug 29, 2023

Here’s the quick and dirty rundown of everything in this week’s newsletter:

🚀 How a Twitter creator is tracking for $500,000 in revenue this year

🤖 Meta’s new AI tool for coding

🤝 Fine-tuning GPT-3.5 for enterprise

🖌 MidJourney inpainting still going strong

🚨 The big updates on the platform formerly known as Twitter (X)

🖥 Threads finally hits desktop

📄 IG takes another page from TikTok

Read to the end for some saucy snippets and a healthy dose of internet culture this week.

Taylor Peterson

🚀 Half a mil in a year? Jay Clouse’s creator blueprint

You know that feeling when someone casually mentions they’re on track to earn $500k? Jay Clouse did that.

I stumbled on a thread he wrote on X this week where he shared how he did it. He’s been in the game for over 6 years (fear not, anon — it’s a journey) and wrapped up his insights in a tidy framework he calls the PARTS method.

Let’s break it down –

  1. Premise: Not just about your niche — Jay says you need to think beyond just a niche and hone in on an overarching promise. Who are you helping? Why does your content need to breathe? What makes you the chosen one? (And what’s your unique twist on things?)
  2. Attention: Your creator lifeline — It’s a two-step dance. Gain attention (hello, social media, YouTube, SEO!) and then RETAIN it with killer content and a fresh POV. The magic formula? Retained attention = your own distribution channel.
  3. Revenue Model — Jay’s top picks are digital goods, memberships, sponsorships, affiliate links, and services. Pro tip: Start with one killer offering. Once that’s buzzing, then (and only then) add another stream.
  4. Trust: The invisible currency — No trust? No sales. Period. Build it by being consistent, delivering on promises, and helping your peeps hit their targets. Trust isn’t…



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