The 4 Tenets of Conscious Capitalism

Want to make a difference in the world as a business? Follow these 4 principles.

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Conscious Capitalism


Could also be called the “mission” of the company. It’s the higher purpose of the company beyond making a profit.


Like life forms in an ecosystem, with the presence of healthy stakeholders comes a robust, resilient business system. Conscious businesses focus on their “whole business ecosystem, creating and optimizing value for all of their stakeholders.”


This is the idea that conscious leaders understand the higher purpose of businesses and focus on creating value for and coordinating the interests of the business stakeholders. When leaders are driven primarily by service to the business’s mission, rather than by power or money, they can “inspire, foster transformation, and bring out the best in those around them.”


The culture of Conscious companies can be captured by the acronym TACTILE.

T = trust. A = authenticity. C = caring. T = transparency. I = integrity. L = learning. E = empowerment.

Businesses that follow the idea of Conscious Culture is very tangible to stakeholders and outside observers.

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