Success in Marketing with Nathan Partsch

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What made you passionate about working in a marketing position?

I’m not political, but reading how Donald Trump funded his presidential campaign by selling merchandise was mind-blowing. Through most of the world making fun of him, he became a viral sensation which enabled him to spread his message to an insane amount of people. Ultimately this allowed him to reach his target audience.

What did week one look like for you?

I started by splitting time between customer service and the marketing dept. During my first full week in marketing, I was given the responsibility of creating posts for Instagram, Facebook and learning behind the scenes maintenance of the platforms we use. You probably know of Shopify, it’s by far the least complex and most user-friendly.

What different technology/techniques are important to know that have helped you succeed in marketing?

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, find a key point and make it better.

Test out new things, gather the data and adjust. This helps you gain an understanding of what your audience is looking for. The more they relate or hate, the more people will view and engage with your company.

How do you measure results?

My unofficial goal is gaining exposure. With upwards of 70% of social network traffic coming through facebook alone, thousands in revenue are generated daily through social media.

I measure results based on engagement. If I can send a few hundred people to our websites each day, its just money in our pockets.

What does the role entail in terms of day to day activities?

  • I make sure all posts are scheduled, 2–3(FB) and 1 per day(Insta) for each account.

Why is marketing important to the overall health and success of the business?

How can someone buy something if he or she cannot see it? It also provides a clear reason as to why you should buy it.

What are the hardest parts of marketing?

Scaling up. Whether it’s your conversion rate, page following, post engagement etc. It takes time and practice to learn how to effectively increase your numbers by looking at data you already have.

What are the most rewarding parts about marketing?

It’s very possible for someone our age to make in a week what most people make in a year. To me, marketing is and has been the key to success.

What does it take to be successful in marketing?

It’s just like anything else. Apply consistent dedication to your goal and persist past temporary defeat.

Any other thoughts?

I’m by no means an expert on marketing. Everything I’ve learned is from youtube, my peers or hands-on experience. I simply chose this field/ job so that I can learn how it’s done and apply it to my own life. My advice — Figure out exactly what it is you want, no matter how broad, and choose a position that will give you a skill required for your success.

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