Psuedo-events, AI, and the unraveling of Threads

Pseudo-event (noun) A display designed to monopolize consumer attention, despite having no real substance or consequence

Anna Klawitter
7 min readAug 16, 2023

I’m sorry. Truly, I am.

I wish I could use this space to write about groundbreaking innovations, inspiring acts of content, or literally anything else. But here we are — bemoaning the feud no one asked for but we can’t seem to escape.

For some reason, any time Musk picks a fight, it falls to us — the weary scribes of the media and internet blogs — to chronicle it. It’s a dirty job.

“Part of me hesitates to spill yet more ink on a battle that no part of me has ever believed would take place. Last week I wrote here about the importance of bringing skepticism to Musk’s posts on X, the former Twitter, and encouraged my peers in the press to consider not covering them at all. It’s clear that Musk seeks attention for attention’s sake, and given that so many of his promises come to nothing, ignoring him often feels like the best approach.”