New AI tools for creators, YouTube updates, and the latest on X

The big stuff you need to know as you’re building a content-first brand online — plus a little extra meme sauce at the end.

Anna Klawitter
5 min readSep 20, 2023

Here’s everything we’re covering this week:

🦋 Adobe’s Firefly AI now publicly available

🎵 Stability launches a new AI text-to-audio tool

🤖 Companies, including Adobe and Nvidia, pledge to safeguard AI

🎮 Roblox introduces AI chatbot for virtual world-building

🐱 How Stoner Cats NFT project got burned (and a lesson for creators)

🎥 YouTube unveils clip insights for video strategy

🚀 LinkedIn offers free coding courses & adds AI-powered search to Sales Navigator

🔵 X rolls out ID verification for Premium users, faces FTC scrutiny over ads, and tests expanded profile bios

[AI + creator tools]

🦋 Adobe Firefly AI now publicly available. Adobe’s generative AI tool is out of beta and ready for action in Creative Cloud, Adobe Express, and Adobe Experience Cloud. This means actions like generative fill in Photoshop are now officially mainstream. Pricing comes in the form of…