Musk vs. The ADL, animation for non-animators, and how to launch a paid membership site

We’re covering it all in The Sauce this week: Everything you need to know as a creative entrepreneur building a business online.

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Here’s the quick and dirty rundown of everything in this week’s newsletter:

💰 What you need to know before launching a paid members site

🤖 Train a prompt builder for more consistent AI images

💎 How to upscale your AI images with tools OTHER than MidJourney

🎨 Procreate Dreams is making animation INSANELY easy

🏆 Grammy for AI music?

🤝 IG gets a ‘Close Friends’ feed

🥊 TikTok vs YouTube Shorts

🛍 TikTok inches closer to launching Shop in the US

📈 The X rundown — Pay to hide likes, Musk vs. The ADL

Read to the end for some saucy snippets and a healthy dose of internet culture clickbait.

4 things to consider before launching a paid membership offering

A members-only site can bring another revenue stream for your biz, but to do it the right way requires a plan (and a myriad of other ideal conditions). Legendary creator Roberto Blake shared some sauce in a thread on X last week on how he earns more than $100k ARR from his premium site. Here’s what he says to consider before launching one:

  1. Platform choice — Opt for an all-in-one, no-code platform that maximizes your revenue and time/effort. While Roberto swears by Kajabi, platforms like MightyNetworks or Circle are also big in this arena.
  2. The offer — This should be all about ACCESS. Offer exclusive content, experiences, and a tight-knit community.
  3. Pricing strategy — Adopt the $ per day model. Imagine, $1/day = $29/month or $300/year.
  4. Delivering value — Ensure a custom, ad-free experience for your members…



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