Musk vs. The ADL, animation for non-animators, and how to launch a paid membership site

We’re covering it all in The Sauce this week: Everything you need to know as a creative entrepreneur building a business online.

Anna Klawitter
7 min readSep 12, 2023

Here’s the quick and dirty rundown of everything in this week’s newsletter:

💰 What you need to know before launching a paid members site

🤖 Train a prompt builder for more consistent AI images

💎 How to upscale your AI images with tools OTHER than MidJourney

🎨 Procreate Dreams is making animation INSANELY easy

🏆 Grammy for AI music?

🤝 IG gets a ‘Close Friends’ feed

🥊 TikTok vs YouTube Shorts

🛍 TikTok inches closer to launching Shop in the US

📈 The X rundown — Pay to hide likes, Musk vs. The ADL

Read to the end for some saucy snippets and a healthy dose of internet culture clickbait.

4 things to consider before launching a paid membership offering