How To Make Yourself Irreplaceable in the Workplace

Especially during the corona virus recession

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1. Present New Ideas

Whether you’re working as a manager or in your apprenticeship one of the best ways to make yourself irreplaceable at work is to come with ideas. Bring actionable ideas to the table, but bring big-picture ideas, too.

2. Offer to take things on

Is there something in the office that doesn’t really fall under anyone’s role, but that desperately needs a little attention? Is there something that goes above and beyond your role but you’re able to do? Then go for it! If you want to make yourself irreplaceable at work, offer to take on the things nobody else wants to.

3. Pitch new business opportunities

Being a great presenter is one of the most valuable business skills to have, and one of the toughest to teach. If you want to be hard to replace at work, practice your presentation skills, then search for potential new clients to use them on.

4. Offer solutions

If there’s a problem at work, instead of joining the ranks of people who just complain about it or avoid being questioned, be one of the first to help come up with a solution. Do some research, outline a process, and suggest an alternative. Odds are, your bosses will appreciate your problem-solving skills and your willingness to help troubleshoot issues and improve productivity.

5. Find your Unfair Advantage

If you’re looking for job security, spend some time zeroing in on your “unfair advantage.” What skill do you have that nobody else at your company can compete with? What can you do that no one else on staff can do? How can that skill affect your company’s bottom line?

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