How To Be Highly Productive

Getting Everything You Need To Get Done…Done

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Keep a distraction list

Often when I’m working, ideas and thoughts will pop into my head for a blog post or a bill I need to pay. While these ideas are important and require attention, they just don’t require attention right now. In order to be productive, you need to have a one-track mind most of the time and having a distraction list whether it be a piece of paper or a Google Doc, to jot down distractions has proven to be helpful.

Follow the 80/20 rule

Another way to prioritize tasks comes from the 80/20 principle.

Begin working no matter how you feel

People wanting to become more productive often talk about needing to get inspired or motivated. Highly productive people instead focus on getting started — whether they are motivated or not.

The most efficient people aren’t necessarily brilliant — they’ve just found strategies to beat procrastination

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