We've all heard tragic stories of beautiful, successful celebrities committing suicide. Stories like these always made me wonder how someone who had everything could be so unhappy. The pursuit of happiness is not a new search, but the increased happiness craze that has encompassed our consumer-driven society has caused a lack of true purpose and meaning. Today we are choosing the pursuit of happiness over the pursuit of purpose. Happiness is associated with material things. We are only happy when our needs, desires, and wants are met. We want what we want now, and if a struggle is included in acquiring our wants, despondency ensues. I can tell you right now that if you believe material things are going to bring you joy, you're never going to be happy.

The path to be happy is living with purpose.

In fact, happiness hunters will only find their search a lost cause. The more we look for happiness the more elusive it is. The pursuit of happiness only negatively affects our well being. Guess what, the title of this post is a lie. You're never ever going to be happy every day of your life, because happiness is shallow. Happiness is just an emotional high. Society wants to make you believe happiness can be in reach if only you would buy this TV, or only if you could look like the latest super model, or possess the newest car. The pursuit of happiness is good for the economy. But, happiness isn't something we can buy or work for. There's no math equation, no matter how elaborate, that will equal happiness. But, when you choose a life of meaning, when you decide you're going to live life to the fullest, when you develop the worth inside of you, you're going to find purpose so much more meaningful then self-centered pursuits. When you're pursuing meaning instead of happiness, happiness will actually become yours to keep. Sure, there will be days you feel rather sad or upset. That's part of life, but when your life is full of purpose, you will have a sense of meaning, clarity, and worth that far surpasses the evasive emotion of happiness.

Choose to pursue meaning, not happiness.

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