You're constantly pouring into others. You're diligently working on your next project. You're a creator, a developer, but what happens when there's a creative block? Then what? What do you write about, what do you create, what? (silent scream)

I've talked about introspection and how it allows you to understand who you are and allows you to take a break from the craziness of life and focus on your dreams and goals. Something that's closely related to introspection is a practice I've heard called: Fill Your Well.

If you take a pitcher of water and begin filling cups with it, pretty soon its going to be empty. You'll have to take the pitcher back to the sink to refill it in order to continue to pass out cups of water. In the same way, if you're not replenishing your pitcher, if you're not filling your well; (i.e. reading, studying, listening to inspiring podcasts, talking to people who motivate you) you will not be able to continue to pour information into others. If you're not taking the time to rest and relax after working hard, you won't have the energy to be able to help others or create value. The more you put into yourself, the more you will have to give to the world and people around you.

This practice is part of the very core of Developing Worth. This is why it matters. Develop your worth, and you'll be able to attain your goals. You'll inspire people. You'll touch parts of the world in ways you thought impossible. Developing your worth will keep those creative blocks far in the distance.

Purpose to fill your well. Decide you're going to develop your worth.

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