Exposing Yourself To The World

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People judge. You judge. I judge. We make judgments all day. Good or bad. Right or wrong. Of course, knowing this fact doesn’t make accepting the judgments of others any easier.

The belief that perfection must be reached in the safety of obscurity and darkness is false. The only path to growing and improving your work is to put it out there to be criticized. It’s scary. Really scary. So we hide our work, articles, books, websites, everything, in a dark corner where it’ll be nice and safe until we’re done “perfecting” it.

Wanting to make the perfect piece of content before you put it out there will cripple you. Don’t just create content. Document.

Just be yourself. Write about what inspires you. Talk about your passions. Record what you’ve been learning, or your opinion on a topic. Discuss your journey. Share your struggles. Put yourself and your ideas out there.

Quit thinking about what kind of feedback you’re going to get or whether your content is good enough. People are always going to try to find a reason to tear others down. That’s just a part of life. Take the criticism, learn from it,and create better content because of it.

Just start. Show the world who you are. Everyone has a beginning. Let today be yours.

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