Worth is something mankind has thought about, sought after, and even fought over since the beginning of time.

Worth is defined as "a quality that renders something desirable, useful, or valuable."

Because of its worth, gold is valuable, highly desirable and incredibly useful. What makes a person valuable, useful, and even desirable? What qualities could be developed within ourselves to reach our full potential?

Develop is defined as " to bring, grow, or evolve from inactive potential toward fulfillment."

In other words we all have potential worth present within ourselves that is not yet evident or active in our lives. I find that fact incredibly motivating! Every single person has hidden worth that will never be developed unless he or she chooses to grow and evolve into their true fulfillment. This growth isn't necessarily easy or even fun, but I promise it is fulfilling.

Once you know who you are and why it matters you will be unstoppable.

No one else can define you because you have taken the time and put in the effort to grow and develop the worth that has been inside of you since the day you were born. You will have a definite sense of purpose which will drive you to impact the world in the unique way that only you can. This is the account of my discovery and continuing development of worth. I hope it will inspire you to begin or continue your own journey to the development and complete fulfillment of your own worth!

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