AI typography, virtual legs, and the latest on X

Plus, more tools are going enterprise, IG extends upload limits, Threads is (still) floundering, & more.

Anna Klawitter
5 min readSep 5, 2023

Here’s the quick and dirty rundown of everything in this week’s newsletter:

🖋 AI-generated typography with Ideogram

🦵 Meta introduces legs for avatars (finally?)

💼 OpenAI’s ChatGPT Enterprise (+ other AI integrations)

🧠 Fun fact about AI model collapse

📈 The X rundown — Lead capture, audio/video, DM reply updates

🎥 Instagram experiments with 10-min Reels

🖥 Desktop access for Threads is still very much miss

Read to the end for some saucy snippets and a healthy dose of internet culture this week.

[The AI Scoop]

🖋 AI-generated typography. Ideogram is letting you do what most AI image models have failed at: generative text on images. Founded by former Google Brain researchers, Ideogram launched last month with $16.5 million in seed funding. You can try it free here.