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Rainbow-colored books on a bookshelf
Rainbow-colored books on a bookshelf
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It can be frustrating to get excited about submitting to a publication, spend time writing your piece, and then submit the piece only to never hear from them.

Well, here is a list of the active publications actually accepting new writers and articles in order from most to least followers.

If you’re interested in finding new places to publish your work, this list can be your best friend! Bookmark this page for later, and please let me know if there are any publications I have forgotten to add!

I’ve included the following information for you:

It might just be making you miserable

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Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.” ~Andy Rooney

There’s a desire in many of us to always want more.

Make more money.

Be with a more attractive significant other.

Command more respect from others.

Be more happy.

Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence — which identifies the pursuit of happiness as an inalienable right, along with life and liberty — and the French Revolution both reflect this popular idea: that happiness is necessary for the health of the individual and society.

But, happiness or satisfaction has become the be-all and end-all of our lives today. We strive to maximize pleasure and minimize pain. We conceptualize happiness in terms of pleasure vs. …

The best way to increase your income

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I love getting my hands on new courses and content. Sometimes, there’s some free content out there that is valuable and actionable. So good, in fact, you can almost immediately see a return on your investment of time. And even make some extra money.

Gaining a new skill is a great way to diversify your income. You’re not limited to one way of thinking or one skill. The courses mentioned below will help you learn valuable skills. Adding a new ability to your skillset automatically opens you up to new opportunities to earn more money.

Courses That Offer A Little Bit of Everything

1. Udemy

Udemy has plenty to offer for anyone on a budget, from completely free courses taught by experts, professors, entrepreneurs, and professionals, to frequent discounts and class specials. …

Tips and Tricks To be Successful on this Platform

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The hardest part of Medium is brainstorming and writing interesting articles that people will click on and spend time reading.

It’s essential to take Medium seriously in order to make money. You can’t just write an article every now and expect to make decent money. Sadly.

I started on Medium with zero expectations and zero writing experience. So I had lots of room for improvement, just like almost all writers who start out writing on Medium.

But if you work hard, deliver work people want to read, and stay on the path for long enough you will make money.

Getting Started

What Medium is

Medium is two things. A platform and a publisher. …

Because we could all use a little more income

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It’s possible to make money writing even if you have little to no experience.

Medium is a great place to get started, of course. But, if you’re looking to make a little more money or expand your options here’s some great websites to look into if you love writing and want to make a little more money.


SEO isn’t known to be the most interesting topic on earth, but it is an important topic for anyone wanting to succeed in the content world.

Sorry to Bother You

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The sorry’s we sprinkle through our days hurt us. They make us appear smaller and more timid than we really are, and they can undercut our confidence.

Research conducted at Harvard Business School indicates that we make superfluous apologies with the goal of building or maintain trust. This study does indeed establish that we trust people (even strangers) more if they make unnecessary apologies when they approach us. So, there is an adaptive reason for the behavior. In fact, less than 10% of participants gave a stranger their phone when asked without a superfluous apology. …

Covid-19 guidelines aren’t protecting your freedom or your safety

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For many people, it’s hard to see why someone would have an objection to wearing a mask in public spaces in times like these. Not wearing a mask only brings public judgment. But free speech and liberty are strong elements of the American identity. And there is a large vocal uprising claiming that masks violate their constitutional rights.

Not only have masks become a controversial issue in today’s age, but what about quarantine and the lockdown of small businesses? Do these infringe on your rights according to the constitution? …

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I don’t have a huge problem with procrastination. But there are days when finding the motivation to actually do the work I’d been given is difficult. Sometimes inspiration is hard to come by. I’m on day 22 of this 30-day blog post challenge, and as of today, I’m feeling a little less than enthusiastic right now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving this challenge it’s taught me so much, but even the best writers don’t “feel like writing” all the time. …

Hint: It’s plagiarism

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I’ve always been curious: why do we yawn when we see someone else yawn? Why do we at times subconsciously imitate the people we are the closest to? Is there a reason we start acting and talking like our friends that we spend the most time with?

Many of us believe that if you’re yawning you must be exhausted, but according to a new study, not all yawning is based on energy levels. Not going to lie, the entire time I was researching and writing this post I was yawning.

(Please let me know if you don’t yawn at all during this post.) …


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