5 Life Skills I’m Learning From Sales

Why Everyone Should Work in Sales…At Least for a Little While

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Sales has taught me…

To Take Rejection

I get told no almost every single day. Sales professionals are rejected by customers, prospects, competitors, and vendors all the time. In other words, sales builds your skills to take rejection, not let it affect you negatively, and keep moving forward.

To Listen

I like to talk…so its not always easy for me to shut up and listen. Sales teaches you that nothing you’ve read or learned is nearly as important as what the person across from you is about to say. When you speak first, you’re giving away information and potentially committing yourself to a position. Always listen, learn, and then speak.

To Ask Good Questions

The best way to get people talking is to ask good questions. Clearly, a good question is not a yes or no question. It’s open-ended and gets the person talking. The longer you can talk to someone and learn more about them the better. Good questions prevent you from jumping to conclusions because you don’t have all of the information.

To Never Give Up

In sales your job is never done.

To Set Goals For Myself

Sales is all about setting targets and hitting them. You learn how to dig deep, stay self-motivated, and set challenging, yet achievable goals. Strategizing how to meet those goals has become an everyday challenge.

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