4 Habits of Successful People in Operations

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Know Efficiency

Today’s efficiency models date back to when Toyota shifted to a “just-in-time” model, focusing purely on production costs, product quality, and delivery, and worker involvement to minimize excess time and overall costs. This model became the foundation for today’s more commonly used efficiency model, lean manufacturing. Production from a system pushing out products in batches is taken to a flowing system that systematically produces single units as needed, at an optimum cost.

See The Big Picture

Focus on Quality

Focusing on quality can also drive down costs by helping you gain an advantage over the competition.

Stay Organized

Operations is a multi-faceted field, even though being in Operations may not mean you’re in the spotlight of the company, it does mean you’re a vital part of the company. Without you performing the everyday, nitty-gritty tasks keeping everything from falling apart, the business wouldn’t last any longer than the pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Day.

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